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What is

It is the first and only international Post Mortem family preparation platform, where living people can say goodbye to the people we love, in case we are surprised by death.

This tool allows us to say goodbye in life and in a planned way to our loved ones, add digital heirs, write our own obituary, select the photograph with which we wish to be remembered, express our last wishes, write our autobiography, designate our will and much more.

  • Write our own obituary.
  • Select digital heirs.
  • Express our last wishes.
  • Pass on moral values.

Who needs

We all need We do not know the time or the day when we will leave this world. Leaving our lives in order and being able to say goodbye to our loved ones with freedom and projection, is an opportunity that no one can refuse. We all benefit from having a account.


We protect our data with military encryption (AES-256), Blockchain technology, generate QR codes for heir access, Augmented Reality and NFT.

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At-Risk Personnel.

Military and Police Personnel, Public Safety, Rescuers, Firefighters, Politicians, Explosives, Heavy Equipment Operators, etc.

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High Probability of Accidents

Extreme sportsmen, Motorcyclists, Pilots and crew, Miners, Electrical engineers, Truck drivers, Ambulance drivers, etc.

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COVID-19, Cancer, HIV, heart disease, ischemic disease, coronary heart disease, lung disease and other terminal conditions.


No credit cards, no impediments, free version for life, no lies


Military grade encryption, blockchain technology. All information is stored encrypted.


100% private, only your digital heirs will have access to your personal information.

Peace of mind.

Of knowing that things were done right for the love of family.

Celebrate your life.

And pass on your joys, experiences, triumphs and values.

A dignified farewell.

As we all deserve to be remembered.

Give the Gift of Emotions

Your words, your image will be treasures for those who love you.

Benefits of

Death can surprise us at any time and there will surely be words left to express, things to do and wishes to fulfill.

  • Minimize the pain of your loved ones.
  • Express your last wishes and desires.
  • Leave your life and papers in order.
  • Pass on your digital legacy.
  • Close your social networks.


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What motivates us to continue innovating is the feedback from our users.

Free version for life.

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So that everyone has the same opportunity to say goodbye to the people they love in those moments when money is worthless.


  • Unlimited Obituaries
  • Video Messages
  • Audio Messages
  • Digital Heirs Unlimited
  • Autobiography with Fotovox
  • Last Wishes
  • Legacy of Values
  • Digital Will
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Frequently asked questions

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These are the most common questions.

Why write my personal obituary?

When a person dies, the family should write an obituary and a biography of the deceased, also choose a photo with which they want to be represented at the funeral home. For us to do this in life, is to subtract grief from our loved ones.

What to write in my autobiography?

Start from your birth and you can go adding a PHOTOVOX of you as a baby, then go adding important information, such as your graduation from college, some trip, your marriage, the birth of a child or grandchild or whatever you consider important in your life.

What is FotoVox?

We create a photo that conveys a story. You can record an audio expressing what you felt or what you experienced, convey an emotion to that image, we make a photograph speak.

What kind of instructions can I leave?

You can decide what they are going to do with your body, have your religious beliefs respected, have it be a private or themed funeral, you can write the words that will be written on your headstone, close your social networks, etc.

How does use my information?

We do not sell or share your information. All information is private and remains encrypted until your death is confirmed by the digital heir you designated during your lifetime.

What people can I designate as an heir?

Someone you absolutely trust, family member or friend, who will be responsible for activating your death protocol and will receive your encrypted information.

How many people can I designate as heir?

When registering you must designate a primary heir and then as many heirs as you wish.

What kind of information can I leave on

Personal instructions, last wishes, write your obituary, pass on your values, your stories, family, medical, will and estate information, record audio and video farewell messages and much more.

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